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A Physicist named Jean Bernard Leon Foucault invented the gimbaled spinning mass gyroscope in 1852. The gyroscope idea concept was developed and engineered into a precision gimbaled device by the Austrian inventory Ludwig Obry in 1895. The gyroscope became known as the Obry apparatus. The Obry apparatus became the first gyroscope to have a practical purpose when the Royal Navy in 1896 incorporated the gyroscope into the torpedo guidance control. Soon after large sea going vessels acquired development of the gyroscope for roll stability and navigation. By 1916 the newly formed Sperry Gyro Company had developed the first gyro autopilot for an aircraft. The evolution of the sophisticated Obry apparatus has made it into a reliable gyroscope. Without these remarkable gyroscopes safe flight through weather, space travel and even the satellites in orbit would be literally impossible.

Obry Apparatus 1915

Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments is proud to have an Obry apparatus torpedo gyroscope on display at our facility. It is an invaluable reminder of the goals for a near perfect quality in workmanship to our techs and staff.

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Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Inc. is Authorized Distributor of RC Allen

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