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7169 SW Santa Fe Lake Road • Augusta, Kansas • 800-338-7146 or 316-775-1144 •

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Gyroscope History
Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Inc.'s President, Stephen H. Cannaby, has dedicated a lot of his time at work and away from work to history of aviation. Within the last year Cannaby...(more)

Gyro Tech Tips
Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Inc. wants to help find out what is wrong with your gyro. We have compiled a list fo FAQs, common problems, and simple tips in order to help you evaluate the problems of your gyro...(more)

Aviation Links
Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Inc. want to connect you to the wide world of aviation. We've provided you some link that should be helpful and insightful...(more)

Servicing These Bands & More

Gyros, Gyros & Gyros!

Rebuilting Confidence in Aircraft Gyros since 1987
Nu-Tek Aircraft instruments, Inc.
7169 SW Santa Fe Lake Road
Augusta, KS 67010
PH: 800-338-7146
FX: 316-775-1194

New RC Allen Gyros

horizon directional gryos
Nu-Tek Aircraft Instruments, Inc. is Authorized Distributor of RC Allen

Types of Gyros

Typical Gyros Repair & Overhauls
Directional Gyro, Attitude Gyro, Standard Horizon, Turn Coorindator, Turn & Bank, and Turn & Slip

Common Brands
Edo-Aire, Sigma-Tek, Aeritalia, RC Allen, Electric Gyro Corporation (E.G.C.), Aviation Instrument Manufactor (AIM), General Design, and King